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Confrontment With the Dark March 3, 1967

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Out of my window last night, I saw Merriman and a hooded figue next to him. That must have been Will. Well, a whole lot of things happened, such as a giant GHOST ship, and angry villagers. I wasn’t comepletely aware of what happened, I was in a daze. The ship must’ve belonged to Captain Toms’ Great-Uncle, the infamous… smuggler? Or fair-trader, as it was called.


Woah… Freaky Dream! March 1, 1967

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I had the strangest dream…

I drifted down to the bottom of the sea, and I saw the Greenwitch! Its ghastly appearence begain talking to me, telling me about the “secret” it found, and how she wouldn’t show me the secret because I would tell. I promised I wouldn’t tell about it, so she showed me. And here I am talking about it!

The secret was the manuscript case, the one that was lost in our last confrontment with the Dark! The Greenwitch must have gotten a hold of it, and now refuses to give it away!

What does the Dark have in Store? March 1, 1967

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And what can Will actually do to help us?

If anybody has ideas, they are much appreciated! (Gummerry, please post!)

Who is Will? February 28, 1967

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That boy. He seems to know Gummerry, but who is he? He came out of no-where, probably begged to tag along on the journey here with his Uncle and Aunt… Sigh. He is kind of ruining the time we spend with Gummerry, what with him tagging along every time we set out to do something…